Blast Resistant Modules

LQT Industries has taken the lead in the oil and gas industry, engineering and constructing one of strongest blast resistance buildings available. Our engineering staff has consulted with several highly accredited risk analysis groups, third party engineering firms, and major oil company’s engineering departments to design a building that will provide the maximum protection to personnel operating in high risk areas.

Blast resistant buildings may be used in various applications, such as operating offices, RIE’s, Deluge Valve enclosures, and E houses in petrochemical refineries, dock houses, LNG plants, and accommodations on production platforms. LQT Industries has years of experience constructing blast rated modules (BRM) ranging from 3 psi to 8 psi (Free Field) rating. Each blast building is engineered to deflect blast impact using crimp plate steel or stiffened aluminum, certified blast resistant doors to a Level II response to allow escape post blast, and interiors finished with fire resistant materials to provide the maximum protection. We have invested thousands of man hours in our blast buildings and we take pride in constructing the safest buildings possible for the petrochemical and energy industry.