Steel ABS / USCG Rentals

LQT Industries meets and exceeds oil and gas industry standards, providing clients with stamped American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved accommodation modules. The modules are constructed to USCG specification requirements, such as A-60 fire ratings, fire and gas detection systems, minimum square footage requirements and .300 mbar blast ratings. The units feature weld tested exteriors and are erected with crimp plate steel or aluminum to meet required wind loads and structural requirements. The interiors walls reinforce the exterior walls with metal stud framing, mineral wool fire retardant insulation, electrical wiring, and are enclosed with fire retardant ceiling tiles and metal clad wall paneling. Modules may be stacked three high, on floating applications including TLPs, MODUs and SPARs, and may be stacked four high on fixed platforms. The stackability and easy transport of these modules make them a practical and cost-effective replacement to single lift accommodations. Modules are available in numerous layouts and can be designed for specific projects.