Aluminum / Fiberglass Rentals

LQT Industries, offers over 150 of the lightest aluminum and fiberglass rental accommodation modules to the oil and gas industry. Our company is constantly updating and adding to our fleet of modules which are recognized by many companies as the cleanest and best maintained offshore accommodations. The units are available to be shipped worldwide for projects in Africa, Middle East, the Far East, South America and the Gulf of Mexico. Each rental unit is constructed by our experienced team of licensed electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and carpenters. Our team selects the highest quality materials available, guaranteeing an outstanding product. The engineered design of each unit is based on safety, featuring the highest standards of fire and gas detection systems, certified wind load ratings, and constructed with the best fire proofing materials. Modules in our fleet include galleys, recreation rooms, diners, weight rooms, laundries, tool storage, workshops, 8 man sleepers, 10 man sleepers, 12 man sleepers and open modules that can be customized to our customers design for specific projects. Click here to view our floor plans. For the convenience of our customers, we can provide hook ups and all auxiliary equipment to complete your accommodation project.

Click here to view our floor plans.