Electrical & HVAC


The goal of the LQT Industries Electrical Division is to continually improve the products and services provided to our clients in order to better assist in completing their electrical projects on time and within budget. Our staff of electrical personnel has over 175 years of combined experience with virtually all phases and all types of electrical installations, from design and planning through startup and commissioning.

Summary of Electrical Capabilities:

• Generator Systems    Power & control wiring, testing and commissioning
• SCR Drives    Installation, renovation, retro fitting
• Switchgear    Installation, interconnections, testing, commissioning
• Motor Control Centers    Installation, interconnections, testing, commissioning
• Fire and Gas Detection    Equipment installation, all related interconnections
• Telecommunications    Equipment installation, cabling, terminations
• Lighting Systems    Complete installations in compliance with all indicated Certifying


In addition to the capabilities listed above, LQT Industries Electrical Division maintains a crew of highly skilled field personnel qualified for any project, large or small, domestic or foreign. These personnel coupled with the fact that we maintain a close relationship with a prominent staff leasing agency greatly enhances our ability to meet staffing requirements for any project, large or small.


LQT Industries provides complete HVAC components, installation and commissioning for offshore accommodations.  Our service offerings include:

  • Design & build Environmentally friendly systems
  • Air handlers / Multi-zone
  • Heating systems
  • Refrigeration units
  • Chillers
  • Condensers & condensation units
  • Grills & diffusers
  • Exhaust & fresh air fan
  • Direct expansion / Chill water
  • Hangers & insulation
  • Fire dampers / Certified & integrated
  • Weather-hoods
  • Controls – digital thermostats
  • DDC control
  • LPC units

LQT Industries HVAC systems are designed to provide operators access to pertinent information and avoid false alarms. These systems give the operator full control from the desktop allowing for system programming and changes.

LQT Industries DX systems are configured to conform to both onshore and offshore applications as well as special environments. Chilled-water and hot-water (steam) applications meet all safety standards and regulations and are custom designed to client specifications. All equipment furnished will meet and/or exceed the primary specifications and will be designed in accordance with client specifications. All LQT Industries HVAC systems come with a one-year warranty.